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Month: October, 2018

Suck It And Fuck It

I’m from a very small town. I wasn’t exposed to a whole lot of different experiences until I went away to college. I intentionally went as far away as I could. I wanted to branch out and meet new kinds of people. I’m tired of everyone having basically the same background with common interests. I wanted to meet folks from all different walks of life.

Well, college definitely provided me with that. I met so many different people. People from different countries and cultures. I was so eager to try new things and have new experiences, I didn’t care what it was. I said I would try anything once. During my sophomore year I met this gorgeous girl and she told me she was a Tranny. I was fascinated. I tried not to be rude by asking so many questions but my curiosity was peaked. She ended up taking me to her room one night and answering all my questions. Right now you can get an 82% off discount to and get the education of a lifetime.