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Month: November, 2018

The Official Website of Karla Carrillo

Let’s face it, there are a lot of forgettable trannies in porn. This is a fun niche for me to explore, but I’m not exclusive to it. I watch all kinds of porn with all kinds of models. I do have a special fondness for shemales, but there aren’t many that possess my devotion. I’m far more a fan of the niche than the individual models. So when a T-girl wins me over as a real fan, I’m impressed and I’m loyal.

TS Karla Carrillo has that sort of allure. The glamorous transsexual pornstar has a stellar physique. That ass looks like a work of magic. Karla has big fake tits and a generously endowed cock as well. Add to that her pretty face, and she’s a total trans babe.

Here is a TS Karla Carrillo discount for 23% off, so that you can join her official site for cheap. Watch the Mexican vixen in hardcore shemale-male fuck videos, shemale-on-shemale action, extreme dildo use, anal play, and more. Members get multiple formats to choose from.

Sometimes I Forget

I’m not going to lie, I’m new to this whole niche of porn. I’ve never in my life met an actual Tranny. Hell, I don’t even know if that’s the proper term. Is it shemale, or ladyboy? I just want to apologize now if I say anything that isn’t politically correct or offensive. It’s strictly through ignorance and not malicious, I promise.

So I came across this site and couldn’t believe these gorgeous girls had dicks. I had no idea such beauty existed. There are times I’m watching and I swear I forget and it’s like lesbian porn. Just two gorgeous girls kissing and rubbing their tits over one another, but then I see the giant cocks and remember there’s more to the show. It’s extremely erotic in a way I never thought was possible. Right now you can even get this 17% off Ladyboys Fucked Bareback discount so you can save some money while you’re checking this shit out. I’ve never seen anything like it and now I can’t get enough.