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Don’t tell me you don’t get instantly hard when you think about bending over a hot tranny girl and filling her hole with your hard cock. It’s just a fact of nature that everyone gets off to that shit. You’ll be happy to know that’s I’ve found one of the newest and best shemale sites out there and it’s called GenderX.

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Some Surprises Are The Best

One night when I was in college I went out with the guys. We were at a bar and I started chatting it up with this really hot chick. She asked if I wanted to get out of there, and if I’m being honest, I would’ve followed her anywhere. I told my friends I’d meet up with them later and I headed back to her place. When we got there it didn’t take long for things to heat up. We were kissing and fondling each other like some horny school kids. I decided to go down on her and that’s when I discovered she had a cock. At first I was disgusted, but my body reacted in a completely different manner. My dick got rock hard and my mouth instantly opened up and took her in. 

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If you’re looking for hot t-girls getting their sweet asses pounded like this exotic brunette, you have come to the right place. As you can see from the image above, this site does get some incredible talent. Of course, when you start to scroll through the hot models featured, you will see that this sample isn’t an exception. All of the horny shemales featured here are absolutely breathtaking!

It’s not just that they have pretty faces here. The gals found here are also total horny little vixens. They love to suck and fuck like you wouldn’t believe. Of course, having dicks of their own it makes sense how they know just how to please one. What’s really great about Trans500 though, is that even though they do feature rock hard trannies, these babes are all women other than those big hard dicks of theirs. They are beautiful and feminine and sweet little vixens that it’s impossible not to lust after.

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She’s Going Through Changes

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For anyone that has ever come out of the closest, you know there’s a bit of a transitionary period. When it comes to tranny porn, you might not see a lot of that phase. But that’s what sites like are for. I don’t want to spoil it too much though because I think you need to see it for yourself. But what I will say is that it’s crazy hot and extremely refreshing.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Grooby, it’s a leader in transgender sites. is a Grooby creation so this is definitely a quality project filled with that intimate, person feel fans of Grooby will instantly recognize. These amateur shemale models are still in the very early stages of their transition, and you won’t want to miss a second of their content. I guarantee it.

Can You Believe She Has a Cock?!

I just spent all morning chatting with the hot and sexy diione on Cam BB. This naughty babe is an absolute stunner. At first, I honestly thought I had clicked on the wrong category. She’s got such feminine features I for sure thought that she had a pussy hidden under her panties. But to be honest, she’s so fucking hot I didn’t even care!

With her huge bouncy tits that seem to defy gravity, her beautiful womanly curves, and that large Latina ass, who could ever resist a babe of her caliber? She also happens to have long dark hair, a tanned and toned body, and the most gorgeous features I’ve ever seen on a cam model. So when she did end up stripping her tight and skimpy panties off to reveal her huge hard cock, I about came right then and there!

Luckily, this sultry babe loves to stroke her cock for her viewers and knows just how to tease and please you. Since she is on CamBB, you can stream free cam feeds from all of the top sites. But I’m warning you after you take one nasty romp with this vixen, you may never want to settle for another again!


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You’ll also be happy to know that your membership grants you access to the entire Evil Angel Network. You’ll have so many different niches and categories to explore that you just might mess around and find yourself a few new arousals.