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Passionate TGirl Hardcore

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Where Shemales Go To Play

Tranny porn is a niche that not everyone takes the time to check out. I don’t know if it’s because people are confused about whether it’s for straight people or if it’s more gay porn. Personally, I think it’s for everyone. You get the best of both worlds. Most sites that cater to this niche aren’t very nice. They’re gritty, and the stars are less than fantastic. You won’t find that here, and right now you can take advantage of this $30 off discount link for TS Playground.

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I’ve long been a fan of hot shemale porn. It started out as a once in awhile thing. I would jerk it to chicks all day long, and the more I watched the more I wanted something that would push the envelope. I started watching videos featuring chicks with dicks just for something a little different, and I was the most surprised of all at how fucking horny it made me. The fact that these were beautiful women, with perfect tits and womanly physiques- but with a throbbing cock between their shapely legs- was so erotic to me.

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If you are like me and think Japanese TGirls are the sexiest beings on the planet then this site is perfect for you. Right now viewers can even get this TGirl Japan discount will save you 46%. You won’t find action like this anywhere else.

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So Real You Can Almost Taste It


Everyone’s out here arguing about which bathroom trans people should use, and I’m over here just wondering why they aren’t showing up at my house to use mine. I mean, I’d be happy to lend them my powder room if they would be willing to give me a sexy good romp afterwards. I know that’s not going to happen any time soon unfortunately. But damn, I never know where to pick up trannys at, even though they happen to be my ultimate fantasy girls.

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The Official Website of Karla Carrillo

Let’s face it, there are a lot of forgettable trannies in porn. This is a fun niche for me to explore, but I’m not exclusive to it. I watch all kinds of porn with all kinds of models. I do have a special fondness for shemales, but there aren’t many that possess my devotion. I’m far more a fan of the niche than the individual models. So when a T-girl wins me over as a real fan, I’m impressed and I’m loyal.

TS Karla Carrillo has that sort of allure. The glamorous transsexual pornstar has a stellar physique. That ass looks like a work of magic. Karla has big fake tits and a generously endowed cock as well. Add to that her pretty face, and she’s a total trans babe.

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Sometimes I Forget

I’m not going to lie, I’m new to this whole niche of porn. I’ve never in my life met an actual Tranny. Hell, I don’t even know if that’s the proper term. Is it shemale, or ladyboy? I just want to apologize now if I say anything that isn’t politically correct or offensive. It’s strictly through ignorance and not malicious, I promise.

So I came across this site and couldn’t believe these gorgeous girls had dicks. I had no idea such beauty existed. There are times I’m watching and I swear I forget and it’s like lesbian porn. Just two gorgeous girls kissing and rubbing their tits over one another, but then I see the giant cocks and remember there’s more to the show. It’s extremely erotic in a way I never thought was possible. Right now you can even get this $5 off Ladyboys Fucked Bareback discount offer so you can save some money while you’re checking this shit out. I’ve never seen anything like it and now I can’t get enough.

Suck It And Fuck It

I’m from a very small town. I wasn’t exposed to a whole lot of different experiences until I went away to college. I intentionally went as far away as I could. I wanted to branch out and meet new kinds of people. I’m tired of everyone having basically the same background with common interests. I wanted to meet folks from all different walks of life.

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When god plays Spore

Of course these transsexuals weren’t born that way but if they were then this scene would have had me convinced that god was playing his own version of Spore. Remember that game? The one where you create your own creatures and add appendages pretty much as you please.

Alternatively these are three pieces in an adult Lego set and they’ve just built a fuck bridge.

Yeah I know it’s lame but I can’t help my amusement at these creatures.

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What’s freaks me out most at this site though is the sheer volume of trannies that had I not seen that they have dicks or if I casually passed them in the street I may have never realised that they were born male.